Monday, September 15, 2008


Watch out for a fantastic new MIKA DVD: ‘Live At Parc Des Princes’ which will be released this Autumn on 10th November.

The live show is fully captured with the following track-listing: Intro/Relax/Big Girls You Are Beautiful/My Interpretation/Billy Brown/Holy Johnny/Any Other World/Ring Ring/Stuck In The Middle/Rain/Just Can’t Get Enough/Happy Ending/Love
Today/Grace Kelly/Animal Play/Lollipop/Grace Kelly (Acoustic Version)/Relax (Rave)

It also comes with some excellent additional features such as an exclusive documentary about the day itself and all the preparations including behind the scenes footage. There’s also bonus material in the shape of the animation for ‘Lollipop’ and the live performance of ‘Grace Kelly’ at last years Jools Holland ‘Hootenanny’.

You can pre-order from: HERE

+++ BONUS +++
Mika – Relax, Take It Easy (SwingTronic Remix)