Monday, June 2, 2008


Hip Hop / Rap / Electronica from Berlin, Germany.

"After the sudden breakup of Funkstörung, there were still a couple of confirmed Funkstörung gigs left to play. De Luca didn’t hesitate and asked Phon.o to fill in for Michael Fakesch. He was shocked. It was the first time he felt this kind of chemistry with a partner on stage! The infected fans felt the same way. Press play!"
And to know more about them, there is an interview that they did to the blog:

E.R: When did you form your band? What inspired you to make music together?
CLP: Chris and me played gigs together as Funkstörung feat Phon.o. after we played we realized that we have fun together and the combination of our music and the ideas we have could be great. So it was clear to us to start working on an album. This was around autumn 2006.

E.R: What are your main influences?
CLP: Oh, we have a lot of influences, cause we like a lot of different music. But the main influences are hip hop and electronic music like techno, acid, miami bass, baltimore, ghetto tech... for us its more important, that the music touchs you and has a certain vibe and groove. Everything could is interesting to us as far as its cool... it could be a single nice bassline or a weird noisy drone....

E.R: How would you describe your music?
CLP: Our music its a mix out of all music we like with a attention to a nice beat and sound settings.We have a lot of guest vocalists with super voices and attitudes.

E.R: What do you think about the changes in the music industry that are going on, with CD sales down and major labels doing poorly?
CLP: The cool thing is, that everything is reachable now. you can nearly get everything worldwide. Myspace is cool to get connected and to listen to new music.

E.R: What are your next projects?
CLP: We will release an ep on boys noize records in end of aug.
after that we release our long awaited album on sitkatapult in end of october.

Thanks CLP.


CLP is on in MySpace.

+CLP - Chris de Luca vs Phon.o "Drop It!":

+CLP feat Kovas - Homecourt:


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