Friday, August 8, 2008

Kid Infinity - Interview

Kid Infinity is Electro / Outro / Hip-Hop from L.A - California, EUA.

E.R: When did you form your band?
Well, I'm Kid Infinity, my name is Ryan Pardeiro and my DJ is Nathan Huber. I didn't really intend to form a music group. It kind of fell in my lap. I was at a friends recording studio in Hollywood one night with a bunch of friends. We were all drunk
and acting like fools and my friend Dave told us all to start singing in the booth over this electronic track from a producer friend of his. So we all just took turns being drunk and stupid and singing stuff. He ended up showing our singing to his producer friend who really liked it. So I started working with this producer Dan Chase and selling music to House DJ's in Boston and Chicago and stuff. Once I started making money at it I decided I might as well start playing shows and see what happens. We had the myspace page for a while cause we thought it was a good name for a band but we didn't actually put up any music and start doing shows until the beginning of this year. So, yeah, Kid Infinity has been a performing act and stuff since around January.

E.R: As you had the idea of recording with the music "Rainbow Man" by P. Busy?

I didn't really even know who Busy P was when I decided to put vocals to Rainbow Man. When these producers in Boston heard the stuff I was doing with Dan they wanted more but I didn't know how to make electronic music and I really didn't even listen to it. (of course now I do both) So I went out looking for stuff that I would like. And mostly I just found a bunch of shit. But then I stumbled onto Rainbow Man and thought it was amazing. So I put some vocals to it and sent it off to Boston. The guys out there really loved it too but didn't want to get in touch with Busy P about it. But of course now that Busy P and his whole crew have blown up so much in Europe and the US and everywhere it's obvious to everyone how good ($$$) they are. So the guys in Boston finally gave Busy P a call a while ago. But you know, he's like a King now so he gets calls from everyone. He didn't call back. But hopefully one day he'll hear the track and like it.

E.R: What are your main influences?
My main influences start with the local scene in Los Angeles. There's a million great artists out here who do awesome stuff. You rub shoulders with rad people and it makes you even more rad. So the LA scene really inspires my stuff. As well I'm really into films so on a lot of more abstract levels my music is influenced by films. But as for popular music influences it would definitely be the whole Ed Banger crew and Daft Punk. We've obviously got a big French influence. And lots of Hip Hop like Dr. Dre and Cypress Hill. Also Rage Against the Machine and Nirvana are big influences. I like lots of big famous acts. I like stuff that's inclusive. Stuff that crosses borders and anyone can like it.

E.R: What are your next projects?
Right now we're working on an EP. It should be out soon. It'll have a couple new songs on it that no one has heard yet. Unless you've been to our live shows. It's gonna be called Kid Infinity's Got A Big Head. It'll be up on iTunes eventually so everyone can download it. And then we're planning a small tour. Probably just in the US for now. But thanks for interviewing us. You've got a cool blog. You know, my father is actually from South America. I'm half Uruguayan. I was just there in January. Next time I'm in South America I'll set up some shows. Maybe I can stop in Brazil and see you and do a show for you and your friends.

Very tks Ryan Pardeiro!

Visit Kid Infinity on MySpace.

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