Friday, April 4, 2008


Mika is a true young internationalist. Born in Beirut in the middle of the 80s, Mika’s family soon found themselves having to move to Paris at the height of the war. When his father was subsequently taken hostage and held at the American embassy in Kuwait the family eventually settled in London. An inevitably turbulent experience for our young hero, he found himself bereft, lost in the chasm of a displaced upbringing. “It was the combination of moving as well as a horrible time I had at school in the first few years of living in London that lead me to forget how to read and write, and stop talking for a little while. I was pulled out of school for over six months; in order to sort my self out and find a new school. This is when music really became important. It got me back on my feet.” He says now that by the age of 9 he knew that songwriting was his destiny. The electric performances that would win over some of the most hardened musical ears on the planet would come later.

Life In Cartoon Motion CD

1. Grace Kelly
2. Lollipop
3. My Interpretation
4. Love Today
5. Relax, Take It Easy
6. Ring Ring
7. Any Other World
8. Billy Brown
9. Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)
10. Stuck In The Middle
11. Erase
12. Happy Ending

+See video clip "Relax, Take It Easy":

+See video clip "Lollipop":

Mika on tour:


  1. I listened to this guy's entire CD cruising around in my friend's Scion. Really like it, his tunes are relaxing and happy...

  2. His CD art always makes me smile,it's so fun. Would you like to trade links?

  3. that cd is amazing!
    i love mika :)

  4. mika is perfect!
    Love mika! \o/

  5. I love his his look..wish I could see him. Thanks for all the goodies you've provided.