Thursday, July 23, 2009

Kings of Convenience

The Norwegian duo Erlend Øye and Eirik Boe Glambek announced the launch of the next album Kings of Convenience.

The new work of the double to leave on October 20 entitled "Declaration of Dependence."

With recordings made in Italy and Norway, the album will bring more music with acoustic tones.

Below the directory of the disk:

1 - "24-25"
2 - "Mrs Cold"
3 - "Me In You"
4 - "Boat Behind"
5 - "Rule My World"
6 - "My Ship Is not Pretty"
7 - "Renegade"
8 - "Power Of Not Knowing"
9 - "Resistance Peacetime"
10 - "Freedom And Its Owner"
11 - "Scars On Land"
12 - "Second To Numb"
13 - "Riot On An Empty Street"

One of the songs on the CD has been released on the web. Hey "Mrs. Cold." Meet the new song with the video below, recorded during presentation made Seoul, Korea.

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