Monday, April 13, 2009

Billy boy on Poison

Los Angeles, California - United States
The alchemy of rock n’ roll, be it classic, alternative, punk, prog --choose your (excuse the expression) poison – is a great song delivered by ecstatic performers and the effect that combination has on the fan. When you listen to tracks like the New York Dolls’ infused “Sweet , Gone, Saturday’s Child," mature, introspective ballads like “Another Lonely Start,” and "4 Leaf Clover," the Yardbirds-esque "Dirty Bomb," or the Alice Cooper bludgeoned angst anthem, “Falling in Love with a Higher Power,” ... any listener worth his musicological salt will be taken aback by Billy Boy’s obvious reverence for the masters. But it’s how they interpret and re-imagine what was into what is that sets them apart from the umpteen other teens desperately searching for the brave new groove.

What did you expect from a band whose name was inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s anti-establishment cinematic masterpiece, A Clockwork Orange? Same old, same old? Think again, pretty things.

--Lonn Friend Copyright Rumi Enterprises 2007

+Billy boy on Poison - Standing Still:


  1. This video is awesome! They have a new video for "On My Way" too.

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  3. Billy Boy On Poison is my new favorite band