Monday, November 10, 2008

Carolina Liar

Carolina Liar is an American rock band based out of Los Angeles. Chad Wolf, the lead vocalist, is originally from Charleston, South Carolina, but the band and most of its members originate from Sweden.

1. I'm Not Over
2. Coming To Terms
3. Last Night 3:50
4. Show Me What I'm Looking For
5. Simple Life
6. All That Shit Is Gone
7. California Bound
8. Done Stealin'
9. Something To Die For
10. Beautiful World
11. Better Alone
12. When You Are Near

They are best known for their song "I'm Not Over" off of their 2008 major label debut album Coming to Terms produced by Swedish producers Martin "Max Martin" Sandberg & Johan Schuster.

+Carolina Liar - I'm Not Over:

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  1. i have to check them out!

    i really like this blog - i havent come across an interesting music blog in a long time!

    you'll need to do something on the strokes ;)