Monday, September 8, 2008


Morningwood is an alternative rock band from New York City, USA, founded in 2001. Morningwood is signed to Capitol Records.
Their song "Nth Degree" has been used in several Mercury vehicle commercials, featuring actress Jill Wagner. Another of their songs, "Nü Rock", was used in the video games Burnout Revenge, SSX On Tour, Thrillville. A demo version of a Morningwood song called "Warrior" was used in a Payless shoes TV spot. Morningwood received national exposure in the United States as a finalist in December 2005's Who's Next.

+Morningwood - Nth Degree:

+Morningwood - Sugarbaby:

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  1. interestin brand !! gonna add them on myspace !

  2. i like the second song, sugar baby. very upbeat.