Wednesday, June 11, 2008


SoKo (born Stéphanie Sokolinski) is a French singer and actress. She was born in Bordeaux in France to a Polish family and has been called Soko as far back as she can remember. She has appeared in several French movies, and got her start as a singer after she asked the director if she could sing on screen.

In 2007 she got a big hit in Denmark with her song "I'll Kill Her" after the radio program The Black Boy Scouts started hyping the song. The song reached number one on the chart of the Danish version of the iTunes Store and was the number one song in rotation on radio. In October 2007 her music was featured in Stella McCartney’s fashion show in Paris. Since early 2008 she is also played in Germany by 1LIVE, first only at night in 1Live Plan B but later, due to high demand, troughout the whole day.

She has not put out a full album, but has released an EP "Not Sokute" with five songs. Nevertheless, she has had sold out concerts in Denmark.

1. The Dandy Cowboys
2. Shitty Day
3. I’ll Kill Her
4. Take My Heart
5. It’s Rainning Outside

Other unreleased (some live) songs are available at MySpace.

+Soko - I'll Kill Her:


  1. i love her accent. but she sounds really serious when she says "i'll kill her", especially at the end.
    when i read the title of the song, i had expected something totally different, some loud song with guitars and screaming, but this is brilliant too.

  2. she reminds me of Regina Spektor, thanks for the intro... I like her style!

  3. At 1st I wasn't keen watching the video, but now the song is stuck in my head so she must be doing something right!!

  4. i luv soko too !! she's fantastic !! u should listen to " i kill her" and "i'd never love u more" !!! and i love her french accent !

  5. SOko me encanta! Su musica es muy buena... y me encanta porque entiendo perfecto todo lo que dice... no se si tenga algo que ver que es francesa!


  6. you are my music go to! i had never heard of this chic, she is quite rad.

  7. Her voice and accent is really pretty! I absolutely love it! She looks very individual and that rocks!

  8. Very cool girl and I like the song.

  9. i love her!!

    awesome music blog!want to trade links??


  10. Thanks for your wonderful comment on my blog. Great music, by the way. =)

  11. i love soko. i used to drive around in my friend's red vintage mini, singing along with her at the top of our voices.