Sunday, April 27, 2008

Kate Nash

Kate Nash was born in Dublin, Ireland to an English father and Irish mother; she lived in North Harrow. Nash first became interested in music during her childhood. She learned how to play the piano at Sandbach School. She attended St. John Fisher School (in Pinner) and moved onto the St Joan of Arc Catholic School, Rickmansworth. She was taught guitar by teacher Louis Michelle. She studied GCSE Music at the School for Performing Arts and Technology in North London. She auditioned at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School but was rejected, after which she fell down a flight of stairs, breaking her foot. During her recovery, she was housebound and unable to move, so her parents bought her an electric guitar. Nash used this time to focus on her songwriting: she began to write some new songs, finished old ones and decided that she would book herself a gig at a local bar in Harrow called Trinity on Gayton Road to showcase her songs. She subsequently decided to start a career in music. After several gigs, Nash uploaded her music to the social networking website MySpace. Nash found herself a manager before proceeding to look for producers for her music.

Made Of Bricks:

1. Play
2. Foundations
3. Mouthwash
4. Dickhead
5. Birds
6. We Get On
7. Mariella
8. Shit Song
9. Pumpkin Soup
10. Skeleton Song
11. Nicest Thing
12. Merry Happy

+Nate Nash - Foundations:

+Kate Nash - Pumpkin Soup:


  1. I really like her songs and she's such a cutie!

  2. Wow, that first song "Foundations" is pretty cool. I like it. I really like her accent too, it sounds too cool. Her raspy voice is great.

  3. Kate Nash is pretty good and her style of singing is not unlike Lily Allen. I have her cd :) She always looks good too!

  4. kate nash has the best musicc.
    i love her!

    thanks for the comments on my blog :)

  5. Sounds great. Thanx for introducing her.

  6. eu tbm gosto muito dessa cantora ;]

    thanks for the comment ;]

    beijos de uma brasileira perdida no meio do leste da França :p